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Commercial & Cinematic Films | Creative Photography

We produce bespoke, creative, high quality, vibrant and imaginative film and photography based advertising media. Founded by indie film director and Photographer Ed Sillence, with the ethos of producing the highest quality possible for a range of budgets and different needs. For Ed and his team of media professionals it is more than just a job, it’s a mixture of passion and inspiration to produce something special.


Film Production

Broadcast 4K | Cinematic Adverts | Social Media Videos |

We offer film production to the highest level for a range of jobs, from utilizing our own small foot print 4K capable cameras and a skeleton crew to hiring in large cinema cameras and full crew. In the modern world of advertising there is a very varied spectrum of filmmaking needs, so being versatile is vital, and this is a leading aspect of Zanifare AdMedia, from business promos, social media videos and cinematic adverts to name a few! We can help expand, develop and promote clients business/brand/event/product through original content designed to engage, inform, entertain and grow your audience.

Ed Sillence general film show reel:

Creative Approach

Our brand of original, exciting and cinematic story telling

Nowadays HD/4K footage can be recorded on a phone, so virtually everybody has access to high quality images and the ability to edit (using free apps), so what sets modern filmmaking apart is the ability to tell a story and engage a viewer. This is where Zanifare AdMedia comes into its own as indiefilm writer and filmmaker Ed brings his unique creative touch to the commercial film & photography worlds, creating original, vibrant, imaginative content which will connect with your audience/clients/customers.

This is Eds’ Directors Show Reel


Commercial | Portrait | Events | Product | Film & Theatre

Ed is a creative, versatile and inventive photographer, who loves taking on new challenges and exploring new styles and techniques. Experienced in location/studio shoots and working with a wide range of people from models to those going in front of the camera for the first time, great at making people feel at ease and relaxed.


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