About Zanifare AdMedia

Zanifare AdMedia has been founded by:

Ed Sillence

Director | Writer | Producer | DOP | Editor | Photographer

An exciting and imaginative indiefilmmaker who has almost completed his debut feature film, made 10 short films, a web series, and always looking for the next project. More information can be found on his website edsillence.com. Ed has very high standards, and always pushes to get the best possible results from every project, whatever the size of the job. He got into filmmaking in 2014 when he decided to take the plunge and enter the film world at a professional level, soon working on his feature ‘A Fool$ Game’ and a series of other projects which will launch his business, Zanifare, of which ZAM is the commercial outfit. To see the quality of his work check out his cinematography showreel.


Why was ZAM set up?

It is the commercial film and photography branch of Zanifare, with Zanifare Films handling the production of narrative dramas, music videos and post production services, ZAM will work direct with clients and on a B2B basis as a third party, creating bespoke advertising media packages.

What is the main aim of the business?

The aim of this business is to create original bespoke advertising media in a range of ways, from small single shooter jobs to full productions, and delivering a very high quality for all budgets. A big aim of Ed’s filmmaking is to achieve a very cinematic look from any camera, and utilise his creative edge to

How will it be run?

ZAM is a commercial outlet for Ed Sillence and his brand of filmmaking and photography, only soft launching in late 2017, so to begin with he will use a network of freelance film and media professionals, and given the vast difference of projects, this means always getting a specialist for the job.

Our work ethos:

Integrity –

Being honest is a vital aspect to ZAM, once someone isn’t truthful about something, how can you ever trust anything else they say. People respect honesty.

Hard Work –

‘Hard work is good for the soul’ At ZAM we don’t view hard work as a punishment, more a gift, working as hard as we can is the only way to reach our goals, and provide our clients with a top quality product.

The small details –

Ed has a very active eye for detail, and always takes the time to go over and sort out the fine details as he wants everything to be as close as perfect as possible

Responsibility –

Taking responsibility is important for any business, we don’t make excuses

Quality –

This is what ZAM is all about, providing our clients with a high quality product, whatever the budget or size of the job.

Team Spirit –

Having a motivated and engaged workforce makes our productions run smoothly, and Ed makes sure that everybody is happy and feels supported.

Working Practises –

Although Ed does often push his staff hard to achieve the highest quality, he is always very fair and ensures that the working environment is a safe and positive place.

Supporting Charities

Ed will offer his services to small charities who can’t afford professional film and photography on a pro bono basis as giving something back to society and supporting those trying to make a difference to the world is high on his agenda. So if you work for or know of a suitable charity please contact him via this website: