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Zanifare AdMedia Film & Photography Services

All of our jobs are designed on a bespoke basis to suit each client, so we can’t put a price list on this site, please contact us with your requirements and budget then we will be able to give you a no obligations quote. We are also NOT one of those businesses who badger people for work, so please contact us (with peace of mind) even if all you want is a little more information on the type of projects we can create and the price range, or to just chat about how our services could help your business.

We want to establish and develop long lasting partnerships with our clients and understand the diverse needs of different sized businesses from large companies to small start ups, and make sure that we are flexible and always ready to adapt to changing situations. We view all out clients as special and give them the same professional and enthusiastic creative approach, as it’s not all about the money, creating something special eveytime is our goal!

We offer the following media packages:

Single Product

This roughly covers a promo film, or selection of social media videos or set of photos. It is the cheapest option and ideally suited to small businesses or those who only need a small amount of media created.

Multi Media Packages

These packages are the best value, most versatile, ideally suited to businesses with website and social media accounts or for fulfilling a marketing campaign. They can contain any form of media, so for instance a client could have a website advert film and photos, social media videos and images, also each media can be suited to the platform it is intended for. Another example is for a piece of promotional media designed to be used on different social media platforms, blog about it, explain with a youtube video, tweet about it, post on facebook, post a photo on instagram and create a Pinterest board about it.

Media On Demand

This is ideal for smaller businesses who don’t have a big cash flow as the client pays a flat fee for the filming or photography, which is then stored on our hard drives and then there will be a fee for each edit. An example of how this works is for a company to hire us to film a promo film and photography session at their place of business, we then produce a website film, social media video and a set of photos, six months later we edit a new video and photos to refresh the website and social media.

Media On Demand can also be added to Single Product and Multi Media Packages for a small storage fee, this comes in 6, 12, 18 or 24 months options.